Monday, November 27, 2006

with a grateful prayer and a thankful heart

last week I heard my pastor reflect on things that have happened over the past year. One thing he mention was a close friend of my dying. this morning I heard my boss give a devotional on heaven and those we loved that are already there. he spoke on Hebrews 12:1. This great cloud of witnesses that we have. I found it encouraging as I was reminded that those who were interested and genuinely concerned with my life here on earth are just as much concerned now that they are in heaven.

i've missed my friend a lot over the past month or two. i'm not really sure why, I just know that i could really used her wisdom, encouragement, and her "this is how I got through it" stories. i'm so grateful for the things I learned from her. i'm glad to know she's in my cloud of witnesses.

well...last week was thanksgiving. i was so very thankful. thankful for great time with friends and family. new neighbors, old friends. thankful for the break from work. i love the holidays and the smile it brings to so many peoples faces and hearts. my mom and I do the big shopping the day after, we get up early and hit a few stores...nothing major. I really just enjoy the crowds and being out with all the shoppers. its just fun!