Monday, November 24, 2008

fall "play" list

Fall (labor day-thanksgiving) Play List:

1. Chips and Salsa party - a given

2. State Fair - LOVED IT! highlight: diving pigs

3. 5K - maybe the least "fun" activity, but for a good cause, and our health appreciated the effort

4. Apple Orchard - fun, cheap, "green"

5. Mary Poppins - it all started with a discussion about my favorite song ever, you can read this post to learn more and understand why I was sad to learn that my best friends fast forward through this part. thus, we had to watch the ENTIRE thing.

6. Pumpkinfest 2008 - Downtown Franklin is just about the cutest thing in Nashville, especially during holidays. It's the closest thing to Stars Hollow that we have.

7. 80's Party - Halloween was like, totally awesome this year!

8. Dinner Party - sometimes it just fun to get dressed up and eat a nice dinner with friends.

9. Bonefish - bang bang shrimp...enough said.

10. Atlanta - shopping, friends, and family make for a great road trip to conclude the season!

thank you so much to all of those who participated in any of the various play events. you certainly helped make this a fabulously fun filled fall! looking forward to the winter list (except for all the goodbye cait parties it will include...)

below are other fun fall highlights that contributed to the extreme fun had, though they were not necessarily on the list:

the lake - thank you platts for hosting such a wonderful get away weekend!

lele and eric's wedding shower

anna and noah's wedding shower
thanksgiving dinner with friends - thank you to haley, lindsay, and sarah for hosting this always fun and festive and dinner

fire pit party - testing out allison's new fire pit...I think it works

me being santa
Marissa's wedding

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

and they're's better than your's

Hopefully by now you have all been able to experience the greatness that is the Chickfila Milkshake at least once in your life. Though a bit pricey and completely unfinishable (unless you are Scott who can finish his and yours) I really think they are some of the best.

Well....two weeks ago I heard that they are introducing a Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake for the holidays!!! (granted I love the holidays as a whole...but peppermint flavors galore are at the top of my list for loving the Christmas season) I got so excited I immediately went to go get one...bummer. they didn't have it. still had that crappy coffee something. BUT as of yesterday they should be in stores!!! WOO HOO!!!! Happy Peppermint Milkshake Day!!! I'm going there for lunch today solely for this purpose. you should probably all do the same!

EDIT: I did indeed have one at lunch yesterday and it was fabulously delicious!!! I will say that I can only finish about half of if you go, bring along a friend to share it with!