Saturday, July 15, 2006

i miss the kids

I've been back home for 3 days now and I'm just now able to process the past two weeks. I had an amazing all mission trips are, but this one was different. I think the fact that I'm older and more aware of the reality these children face daily made it harder for me emotionally than any other trip. The key word for me during the trip was HOPE. That's what I wanted to leave the kids with, HOPE. Because of Christ we can all have hope and out of this hope comes a joy and peace that only God can provide. After hearing many of their stories and knowing the statics of their future it was hard for me to talk about this hope because it seemed like there was none. I trust that there is. I grew a lot this week when it comes to trust. I trust that God will provide for these kids, I trust that they will find comfort is His love for them, I trust that He has great things planned for their lives just like I trust Him with my life. It was hard for me to give all these things up to God for Him to control. So much of me wanted to do it all myself but I quickly learned I am incapable of providing all their needs.

Sunday was my hardest day of camp. We had a trafficing talk with the girls. I had heard all the statics before but to begin to put faces with those numbers made it all to real. To hear their personal stories of rape and abuse brought tears to my eyes that I was not prepared to shed. I needed someone to tell me they knew how to handle these situations and tell me what to say but there was no one, I was it. I was the person to listen, to counsel, to pray. It was a hard day but God proved Himself faithful and proved that His Spirit would guide me and provide words to say.

I miss the kids. I can't stop thinking about them. I want to see them, hug them, sing songs with them, dance with them. I saw the love of Christ these past two weeks in more ways than I thought. In the kids' eyes, through their prayers, in the giving of my team mates, the sacrifices of others, the list goes on. I loved every minute of this trip. I'm humbled that God would choose to use me to love on these kids. Praise be to our God that we are all His children and He watches out for all of us!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Today I heard my alarm go off earlier than normal. I set it an hour early so I can make sure I have everything ready to go to Molodova. That's where I'm going today...Moldova. I've never been before and I'm pretty sure the emotion I'm feeling is excited. Moldova is the poorest country in Eurpoe. It's located between Romania and Ukraine. I get to go play with sweet little orphan kids. Yes, excited is the appropriate word.

I love mission trips. I love being away from "my world" and just getting to be completely used by Jesus with what seems like no distrations. I'm sure there will be, but they just don't seem to matter when you are on a mission trip. I'm going with my church. My pastor, Jeff, was also my youth minister growing up so I have been on many a mission trip with's been a few years since our last one togther though...Australia was fun, but lately I've been thinking of all the places I've been able to go and serve. Detroit was the first, then Chicago, then DC, then Australia, New Orleans was in college. I believe in missions and I believe in the importance of going and serving.

I keep hearing my head the scripture in Esther when Mordechai is giving her the pep talk to motivate her to stand up for her people and do what she knows is right. He tells her, "you were created for such a time as this." I've never felt so called to something in my life. I'm starting to feel as though I was created for such a time as this. I don't know all that God has in store for me over there but I know I'm supposed to go. I'm ready to love on these sweet children. I'm ready to show them Jesus.

I'll be back in 10 days...I'm sure I will hear a lot while I'm over there so expect a new blog when I return!