Thursday, November 15, 2007

it can't be true...tell me it's not true

so last night, I was informing my community group about my Christmas card photo shoot that Bauer and I had this week. (Thanks to Mary Rosenbaum of The second I said it everyone started laughing. Well...I say included two of my good friends and 1 guy I had never met. One of my friends said, "You are becoming a border-line cat lady!" would take a lot more than that for me to get offended but I certainly began to defend my case that never would ever become a cat lady.

Let's talk about the "Cat Lady":
1. I think you have to be at least 50 to be given this term
2. and you have to have at least 3 cats
3. and your house has to be full of those climby things and fake little mice
4. and you have to have only 3 human friends.

Let's talk about me:
1. I'm 25 and hip and very happenin' (that's right...i'm too cool to have a "g")
2. I HATE cats and will never have one.
3. I have dog toys...but just bones.
4. I have lots of human friends and just happen to live by myself (because I'm a responsible adult) and choose to have a dog...a cool dog...for a pet.

Just because I love to have my picture taken and feel like adding my dog to the picture gives me a better excuse to send out christmas cards does not make me a border-line cat lady...right? right?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

this is Halloween

It's now November...that's crazy! I'm excited for Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was Halloween. It was a good day. The sad thing was I only heard one group of trick-or-treaters. I heard there were lots of kids at the mall. Apparently the stores give out candy and so they were all there. That made me sad as well. When did children stop going around the neighborhood to get candy? That was always so fun. I wonder if parents are taking their kids to the mall or other trick-or-treating alternatives for the same reason they no longer stay in host homes on youth choir tours. Safety. I would hope that if I choose to live in a neighborhood and raise my chidren there I also feel safe enough to let my children trick-or-treat there. I say these things now, who knows what I will do when I actually have children of my own.

Bauer, on the other hand, LOVED handing out candy to the kids. He also loved that his costume was pretty much a chew toy attached to him at all times!