Wednesday, June 27, 2007

humbled by prayer

Now I'll be honest and say I'm not one of those people who hates for all the attention to be on them...I don't mind it, however, when someone offers to pray for me, pray over me, while I'm standing there I suddenly seem to not want that attention. I never really knew why that was because if you should welcome any kind of attention it should be that of someone praying for you, right?

I leave Friday to go back to Moldova. This will be my third time to go and I couldn't be more ready. I know the kids. I know the routine. I know my God is great and is ready to work! Why am I still nervous and unsure? I've done a bit more behind the scenes, pre-trip work this year which I think is adding to my stress but I've come to appreciate my nerves. I figure if I think I got it all under control then that doesn't leave much room for the Lord to work, right? I'm able to find peace and exercise my faith in the midst of uncertainty of schedules, passports, kids, etc. My God is with me and He is mighty save (so says Zephaniah). I never feel more myself and who God is creating me to be than when I am with these kids in Moldova.

So why do I get all weird when people want to pray for me? I've come to find out that its because I know I so desperately need it that it puts me in a very vulnerable position. I know God has called me to go on this trip...that means there is no way I can do it by myself. I need the prayers of His people. Its very humbling to hear someone pray over me and know that I need those prayers to do His work. Its very humbling and I very much appreciate the prayers I've heard for me, my team, the children we will work with, and the country of Moldova this week. Thank you!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

kids kamp kraziness

Tonight is the last night of Cool Springs Kids Kamp 2007 (that's the fancy name for what my church calls their Vacation Bible School). Though these past few weeks have been some of the most stressful as I've tried to prepare myself, my church, and the kids for this week I have to say I'm kind of saved its almost over. That's a rather new mindset about it though.

Last week, and even up until Sunday friends and family would ask how I was and if I felt prepared or stressed or ready, etc. My answer was always something to the extent of, "I'd really like to wake up and it be August!" I was ready for Kids Kamp to be over. I was ready to be back from Moldova. I was ready to move out and move in somewhere and be settled. However, today, I'm not ready. I'm not ready for this week to be over. Tuesday night we had several kids say they were ready to accept Christ! Some went home and were able to sit with their parents and ask questions and pray to accept Christ into their lives. Others came back Wednesday ready to pray with their teachers! Though I can't quite remember a time I have been this stressed, this busy, this over-comitted, and this out of touch with my friends, its all worth it because these kids lives are forever changed! It's exciting to be a part of!

This is why I do all that I do. It's why I decided to help with Kids Kamp. It's why I can't not go back to Moldova. It's why I work for organization that changes the lives of children on a daily basis. I love Jesus and I long for others to love Him as well. I have no doubt I will wake up tomorrow morning and be joyful...and not just because the kids kamp stress is over, but because my God is alive and He is growing His kingdom and reaching out to His children! all my friends who I've not been able to have real converstaions with in weeks...I'm sorry, but I'm almost back and ready for action. Thank you for understanding and to most of you, thank you for making this week a great one for the kids! Once tonight is over and I'm done making goal posts and planning bible studies and freaking out about who will teach cheerleading...I'm ready to have friends again!...well for two weeks, until I go to Moldova!