Thursday, September 13, 2007

now your life can be complete!

1. I love that I have red hair.

2. Growing up, I was afraid to color my hair because I knew it would turn green just like Anne of Gables (my friends have sinced convienced me to highlight it...but that's as far as I'll go...I like the red!)

3. I love the colors red and orange together.

4. I think my life would make a great movie and I'm always thinking of which actors would play the different roles of the significant people in my life.

5. I love acting and think about getting back on the stage almost everyday.

6. The main reason I would want to be a teacher is so I could decorate my classroom!

7. I decorate for every season.

8. That's part of the reason I love my side job at Brentwood Stationers...I get at least a 4 month head start planning period on every season and holiday!

9. Orange is my favorite flavor...popsicle, candy, koolaid, etc.

10. I had some sort of metal in my mouth from 2nd grade - 10th grade. That's 9 years.

11. When I had braces I always thought it was fun to change the colors of my rubberbands each month. One October I chose to alternate orange and black (I like holidays...remember). After I saw those pictures I didn't choose colors much anymore. black was a bad choice.

12. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.

13. This fact shapes everything about me.

14. Everyday I wake up and thank Jesus for loving me and spend the rest of the day trying to grasp what that really means.

15. I love the Lord and I love people.

16. I believe those two things should go together.

17. I was introduced to Kettle Corn popcorn in college and have not been able to eat any other kind since.

18. I don't understand when someone doesn't want to celebrate his or her birthday.

19. I think birthdays are very important and every one should be celebrated at least one day out of the year.

20. I have a heart for the youth of my community.

21. I miss working with the youth at my church and hope one day be able to do that again.

22. my most favorite part about my job is when I get to hang out with the kids and hear their stories.

23. I absolutely love much so that I can't rank them in my top favorite movies because they have their own categories.

24. I really like sports.

25. I love to play basketball but I'm not very good at it.

26. Basketball and football are my favorite sports to watch.

27. I really enjoy running...especially in the spring and fall.

28. I prefer to run outside because I think I'm able to clear my head more.

29. I am in desperate need of a new study Bible but I'm very reluctant to part ways with the one that I've had for many years.

30. Each day I think I am becoming more and more a perfect balance of my mom and my grandmother. I feel good about that happy medium.

31. My mother is my hero and I thank God for her each day.

32. I am an aunt!

33. That makes me excited about being a mom some being an aunt is some sort of training or something.

34. I got fired from my first non church related job in high school b/c I called in sick so I could go to church. Two days later they called to see if I wanted my job back...I didn't. I also got grounded for calling in sick when I wasn't. I was grounded from haning out with my church friends. Obviously I was quite the rebel in high school!

35. I am blessed to still have wonderful friendships that i've had since jr high and high school...I don't know what I would do without these friends.

36. I have a best friend who I've known for 19 years...I love that and I love her!...sometimes I miss the days where we would wear matching outfits and I would BEG my mom to let me call her to see if she wanted to go to the grocery store with us! Now I just call her to go to Target and we buy different clothes.

37. I got run over my junior year of high school two weeks before prom.

38. A year later, I went out with the boy that ran over me with his car...I guess I forgave him.

39. My top 3 favortie movies include The Natural, You've Got Mail, and Hook.

40. The only reason I would change jobs would be to plan big events.

41. I like to plan, organize, and make lists.

42. because of this, my real simple magazine subscription holds a special place in my heart.

43. I don't really like to read.

44. I tend to feel that if I'm going to read it should be my Bible or something Jesus related.

45. this has become quite the perdicament considering my new found love of Harry Potter.

46. I know more about Star Trek and Star Wars than I really ever admit. I blame this on my dad and my brother.

47. I also know more about comic books and the X-men then a girl really should...I blame this on them as well.

48. I have a dog and his name is Bauer.

49. I'm a big fan of the tv show 24.

50. I've loved Keiffer Sutherland ever since the Three Muskateers movie.

51. I feel it is important to document the goings on of my life...if not for theraputic purposes then for the sake of my children.

52. thus, I take LOTS of pictures.

53. and I journal most every day.

54. You would think these last three facts combined with my love for crafts would make me a shoe-in for scrapbooking...wrong. I've been working on the same scrapbook for the last 3 years. It's just not going to happen.

55. I love listening to soundtracks. My most favorite are The Natural, Dances with Wolves, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, and You've Got Mail.

56. I work at a greeting card store but I rarely buy the cards.

57. ever since middle school i have LOVED making my own cards.

58. I'm very much a "people person."

59. I always said I would never live alone.

60. I live alone.

61. I absolutely love living alone...though I think I would feel differently if I didn't have Bauer.

62. I'm horribly afraid of the dark.

63. I get really involved with the movies I watch.

64. Sometimes this is annoying to people because I react out loud most of the time.

65. If my final destination is 5 hours or less I refuse to stop the car...unless I'm traveling with the pup.

66. My biggest fear is for Jimmy to not be at my wedding.

67. I love watching him love my mom.

68. I love to cook.

69. I'm working really hard to get all my place settings together so I can start having dinner parties.

70. I try to be home to watch the Wonder Years every night at 9.

71. If I could do anything on a Friday night it would be to get dressed up and go to the theater.

72. Mexican is by far my favorite "type" of food and I probably eat it at least every other day.

73. Potatoes are my favorite food.

74. Kevin James is my celebrity crush.

75. I take the word "friend" very seriously.

76. because of that, the majority of my friends are people I have known for more than 6 years.

77. I love that I have two very different pictures of "college life"

78. I hate that I feel like I didn't really go to college at either school I went to.

79. I love my jeep!

80. I go to Target at least once a week.

81. I prefer to wrap gifts instead of using gifts bag.

82. I'm very particular about how a gift is wrapped.

83. I'm not really sure I have a favorite color.

84. It used to be room was even purple...but I'm not sure its really my favorite.

85. One time in 8th grade I started really liking cows so I stopped eating beef. That resulted in me loosing a big portion of my iron intake. I had to miss my dress rehearsal for Little Women because I physically couldn't get out of bed. My parents took me to Arby's that night.

86. Arby's is one of my top 3 favorite "fast food" places.

87. I consider myself to be a sweet tea conisour.

88. Honey Mustard is hands down my condiment of choice and if a restaraunt doesn't have it, I rarely will eat there again.

89. I got in a wreck while skipping school in high school. It wasn't my fault and I didn't get in trouble.

90. I would love to be a mascot for a sports team.

91. I've been the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

92. Apparently I really like to dress up in costumes. I have an entire section of my closet that is strickly clothes for costume purposes.

93. I tend to keep the same CD in my CD player in my car for at least a month at a time. AND I usually only rotate between 5 CDs. Billy Joel and Paul Simon are in this rotation and sometimes they stay in there longer than a month.

94. At least half of the time I am in my car I keep the radio and music off. I really enjoy the quiet.

95. When the radio is on, half the time its on NPR.

96. I wish I was a better writer. For the sake of my job, and I just think it would be fun. I'm currently reading a book about finding your writing voice. I'm mainly reading it for the sake of my job, but also because I think it will be fun.

97. I absolutely LOVE to fly and there isn't a week that goes by that I don't regret not taking my interview with Southwest to be a flight attendent just to see what would have happened.

98. I love singing in a choir and I miss it terribly.

99. One of my most favorite concerts was the Gaither Christmas Concert. I love gospel music more than most people. (Though Billy Joel is my all time favorite concert, followed by a tie for second with Harry Connick Jr and James Taylor.)

100. A friend once told me that I don't humor anyone. Sometimes I like that, sometimes I don't. I used to be really harsh and blunt...I'm working on being kinder and more sympathetic.

dreams really do come true

I heard it was coming...I didn't believe it at first, but this week I saw it with my own eyes...even went in and made a purchase. My most favorite store ever has come to Nashville. If I owned a store it would be this one! I'll admit, I feel a little bit better about life these days knowing there is one near by! I would relate this feeling to your team winning the super bowl, or world cup, or christmas morning...its that big of a deal! If you have never been to Swoozies, I highly recommend some point in your life you can benefit from something in the store. Even if you personally aren't that big of a fan of it...someone in your life will be and you can get them a present there!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

so big

For those of you who have known Bauer from the time I brought him home, you have also known that I thought he wouldn't get much bigger than 20 lbs. HA HA HA!!!! I was sure wrong on that one! This past friday was Bauer's 1st Birthday! and he's weighing in just under 35 lbs!!! He's just the cutest little chunk of love! From people who go weeks without seeing to those who see him regularly, the first words out of anyone's mouth seem to be, "He's gotten so big!" He has gotten big, but hopefully now that he's a big boy the growing will calm down. Here are some pictures of Bauer with his birthday presents!!! He LOVED them!

he's so ready for the first day of school!!

he rocked out on his new guitar all night!

bauer loves to show off his grill!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 time...

This past weekend I went to Louisiana to celebrate my Granpa's 90th birthday. It's not everyday you get to turn 90 so it was quite the celebration. All my cousins came in, my dad, ...and....Stuart and Sara and BABY SEAN!!!! That by far was the highlight of the weekend. Look how adorable he is!!!

Here are the two most favortie quotes of the weekend...welcome to north Louisiana by the way! Where apparently the only thing to discuss is why Emily isn't married...sweet!

Granny: That's a pretty ring you have there (grabbing my left hand and noticing the ring on my middle finger)
Emily: Thanks Granny!
Granny: Now, when am I going to see an important ring on this very important finger? (still holding my left hand and grabbing my ring finger)
Emily: Ummm, not today.
Granny: Well you know all these men would be flirting with you...but their your cousins!
Emily: Good thing they are!

Family Friend: You are beautiful!
Emily: Thank you!
Family Friend: You know they are saying that we are seeing less and less red heads because no one is marrying red heads...
Emily: (holding up left hand) apparently not!
- to this lady's credit she went on to say how red heads aren't marrying red heads so there are fewer and fewer...however, I still thought it was funny!