Thursday, January 31, 2008

bring it on!

well I did it. I have officially registered for the 1/2 marathon. This is something I've been wanting to do for a few years and after seeing some of my friends do it and come out alive I'm hoping for the same results! If anyone wants to buy me an ipod to get me through it...I fully support that. I also support you coming out to cheer me can even do that while I train if you think it will help me! (just kidding...kind of). So everyone mark your calendars for April 26th and I'll have sign up sheets for 30 minute prayer segments that morning for each to sign up so that you can pray I don't die during thanks!

Monday, January 28, 2008

anna's engaged!

Meet my friend Anna...

Anna and I have known each other since junior high but became official friends sophomore year in high school. It has been a joy to be her friend all these years. She loves life and is certianly a go-getter. Anna loves Jesus will all her heart and is such a strong advocate for missions! She loves her family and her home-town! Anna has been a solid rock in my life...she's accepting, loving, encouraging, and can be crazy just when I need her to be! She keeps me up-to-date on current pop music as well as making sure I'm classy and fashionable. Anna's love and concern for others has always been and will continue to be a huge encouragement to my life.

Sunday I heard Anna tell me she was engaged!!! I couldn't be happier for two people. Anna and her now finance, Noah, are college sweet hearts and have a wonderful love for each other. They are truly best friends and compliment each other well.

Anna, I'm extatic! I couldn't be happier for the two of you. You are both two of my favorite people and I can't wait to share this special day with you!

Friday, January 25, 2008

watch what happens

I've heard project runway being discussed by several different people lately and it tends to suprises me whenever it comes up. I will admit that I watch A LOT of Bravo. It started with Celebrity Poker Showdown. I simply could not get enough. At that time I was fortunate enough to have a roommate with TIVO and it was fabulous. I would know who would win but would continue to watch it over and over. After Showdown, the top whatever hollywood moments were highly entertaining. Then I got into Top Chef, picked up Project Runway on season 2, LOVED Shear Genius, and I am now hooked on the real housewives (pathetic, maybe...but it's how I roll). Next thing you know they give Tim Gunn his own show (FABULOUS!) and you can usually catch some Kathy Griffin most any weekend.

Though I love to watch TV there have been and continue to be very few shows that I feel are a MUST SEE every time there is a new episode. Maybe I've become too dependent on DVD's or friends with TIVO but there's not really a show out there that I have to see what happens next. I love The Office, but will go a month without seeing the new ones (granted I know there aren't anymore...but go with me). love with...I named my dog Bauer...but I've yet to finish season 5. I find LOST to be highly entertaining but my life would be fine if I never figured out what the heck they are doing there. The list can go on.

HOWEVER, Bravo reality shows have developed this special place in my heart. It's the craziest thing. I feel like Bravo plays re-runs more than VH1 but I still feel the need to be there when the new episode airs. Call me crazy, but its true. I think for a long time I really thought I was the only one who watched these things. I kind of kept this addiction quiet and didn't really discuess it. But apparently the rest of the world is just as crazy as I am and the discussions of the week by numerous people in my surroundings have been about Lauri's wedding, Christian's fierceness, Tim Gunn's gay-ness, the new season of Top Chef, and how Nashville has been well represented on making people super models. Its kind of free-ing to know I'm not alone.

Braynt Park is sooo close...who's it going to be? And do we really think Chicago can bring more heat than Miami did?

Monday, January 21, 2008

"I do it for love."

Well, either I have a problem saying "no" or the Lord really wants me to go back. Probably both. The more time goes by the less I second guess my decision. I'm talking about Moldova. After returning to the states last summer I was almost confident I wouldn't be returning this year. I knew I wouldn't be going to be the same orphanage I had been to the times before. It was an odd feeling, but one that I trusted the Lord's timing on. I wasn't sure where to spend my time this summer. I had two options very near to my heart. After going with my gut and LOTS and LOTS of prayer I am confident in my decision to go back to Moldova.

I am excited about working in a new my church has only visited once and that was about a month ago. Straseni is located just outside of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. We will be doing a day camp for the children there. I'll be leading a team of around 15 (hopefully). Its going to be a time of learning and growing for me...but I think it will be good. I am looking forward to meeting new kids and showing them the love of Christ. I can't not go.

Monday, January 14, 2008


(I know what you are thinking..."wow, em posted two blogs in one day, she must be bored at work!" quite the contrary, this is my busy season...but I'm taking a break since I've worked so much)

My boss was just over at my desk and he was trying to make a correction on something I had written so he picked up my fine point sharpie to use to mark through some things. He tried to write with it like a pencil and said, "This is bad Sharpie!" I said, "No, its a really good sharpie you just don't know how to use it." After finishing making corrections and the work related discussion he looked at me said, "You really like these things don't you?" as he pointed to the Sharpie. "Yes, I do," I replied.

I'm not much of one for name brands. It doesn't really matter to me either way. I get lots of generic brands at the grocery, I shop a lot at target and tjmaxx. It's just not that big of deal if it's really pottery barn, or the look-a-like or if it's chanel or china town. HOWEVER, put me in an office max or send me to buy school supplies and stationary and this is a whole other matter. I refuse to buy any other marker or crayon other than Crayola...Rose Art just gives me a headache. And I only buy Sharpie or Pilot pens. Snobby? probably, but I'm ok with it. I've always been one to spend more money on writing utencils and organizational items then any shirt, purse, or CD. Nerdy I'm sure...but its just how I roll.

I got markers one time for my gift ever. Another Christmas a friend gave me scented glitter pens and fun stationary...still using both! What is wrong with me?! apparently I love to doodle with high quality pens and enjoy watching people get their throats cut while pretty music is being sung. good grief!

There's a whole in the world like a great black pit...

Last night I heard the amazing music of Sweeney Todd for the second time! I LOVE IT! but the funny thing is, I can't even watch all of it. The first time I saw it I didn't really know what I was getting in to. I LOVE musicals and so of course I wanted to see it. However, I closed my eyes everytime the razor got close to a neck. The music is FABULOUS and the acting is really good and so of course I was up to see it again. This time I had told myself that I would watch the whole thing...every scene. Nope...didn't happen. but I still love it and would probably see it a third time. Does that mean I'm wierd? Or that I just really like the music. Probably both.

Anyway, if you can get past all the blood and appreciate it for the acting, music, directing, and over all great film and golden globe winner that it is I really encourage you to see it. Its a great tale of people who love too much verses not loving at all. Interesting sides to the story and a very good show. AND its fun to picture Angela Lansbury playing the role of Mrs. Lovette.

Friday, January 11, 2008

music to my ears

ok, so one night a week (sometimes more b/c I like it) I work at a local gift/home goods/stationary/hallmark store. The month of January is a terribly slow month for us b/c people are done with Christmas and don't want to get too excited about Valentine's Day too early (though we already have all our stuff out...crazy, I know, but I love it).

Last night the weather in Nashville was nasty and windy and rainy. You add bad weather to a slow night anyway and it makes it REALLY slow. To pass time I usually walk through our card aisles getting ideas and reading all the cards. I'm walking down the back aisle and I see a new section. "Seriously?" I think so myself. "No way!" I actually say out loud and burst into laughter.
Dayspring, which is the Christian Expressions line of Hallmark cards, has come out with Christian music song cards. OH YES! And the line up is A-MAZING! You've got some good ole MWS classics: Friends and I will be here for you. Then there is some POG, Twila Paris and 4Him action as well as some contemporaries with Chris Tomlin and Casting Crowns. "My Father's House" by AA is also one of my favorites as well as the fact that they use "Kiss Me" by Sixpence for one of the "love" cards. The cards are $4.99 which in TN makes it $5.45 but it is soooo worth it. Not only is the song choice fabulous but the wording on the cards makes it even better. I think my favorite thus far is the one that says on the front, "What a friend we have in Jesus...what a friend He gave me in you." You open it up to Smitty singing the ENTIRE chorus of Friends are Friends Forever...CLASSIC!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm in love...

...with my job! Its taken me some time, some bad jobs, and some self assessment to get to this place, but I can truly say I love my job. I'm so thankful for it.

I by no means consider myself a designer. However, part of my job is to communicate with our designer (the fabulous Charlie Wetherington!) and tell him what to create. It's taken me about a year to feel brave enough to really try out my ideas and push the children's homes to the next level. But, by the grace of God and the baby steps we've taken we are slowly getting there. I'm really excited about the new stuff we are doing for the Mother's Day Offering this year. I got the nerves up to suggest some ideas and they were a big hit. Below you will see our super cool poster and new MDO stickers...who doesn't like stickers?!

seriously though...mad props to my boy Charlie...couldn't do it without him!

Monday, January 07, 2008

whirlwind weekend

here is how you have a weekend o' fun:

STEP ONE: Road with a best friend!
my dear friend anna was gracious enough to accompany me to the ATL this weekend to visit my dad and family. We had some good times always. (seriously, anna gets major kudos for coming with me!)

STEP TWO: spend time with the cutest nephew ever!
Sean, my nephew, is almost 8 months old and is too cute. He loves to crawl and pull up on anything he can!

STEP THREE: watch high quality entertainment with friends!
AMERICAN GLADIATORS is back friends!!! Get excited! ok the budgets pretty low, the competition is par, but somehow it still manages to be highly entertaining! Wolf is by far my favorite (see Scott's portrayal of him below) but the contender getting stuck at the top of the reverse escalator...did anyone else see this?!?! it was AMAZING! (see Andy's reenactment below). With the help left over Christmas garland (thank you Caitlin) and yummy treats you too can make American Gladiator night a weekly night to remember! I probably heard some of the worst commentary of my life during this show but I laughed harder than have in a long time so it all evened out!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas is all in the heart...

thank you SCC! Though I think it might be true. I'm not quite sure my heart was completely in the Christmas spirit this year...but it happened none the less. Maybe my age...stage...busyness of life...and what not but it made for a very unexciting holiday season this year...maybe that's a good thing though. Either way I really enjoyed the time off, the chance to relax, and spend time with family and friends.

below are pictures of my holiday season...
First, was the comfy cozy christmas party!

Then we celebrated Baby Sean's first Christmas...adorable!

Then it was Dunn Family christmas time...

the closing celebration was IC5 night...rememerable as always!