Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a favorite

If you were to ask me, "Emily, what's your favorite restaurant?" Anyone who knows me at all knows that I will say...well true, Las Palmas is near and dear to my heart but if we are going for all time favorite, then I would say...ok, well Baja Burrito would come before Las Palmas, but still if we are going for all time favorite and money isn't an option...YES! The Cheesecake Factory. The obsession started early on really. You would think that a love of cheesecake compelled me to enjoy this place so much when actually it was the other way around. A love of the Factory taught me to appreciate the amazing dessert that is the cheesecake. Its the whole experience there that I love. The atmosphere, the book of a menu, the fabulous food, and of course...the cheesecake.

Now, what many of you don't know is that there is a place I love just as much. I know what you are thinking...that its not possible. It is though. There is a place that I LOVE, but I never really talk about it. One reason is most people haven't heard of it so its just easier to say, "the Cheesecake Factory!" and then whoever asked the question will usually responded with, "Oh yeah, I went to one of those in Chicago!" or "Yes! That's a great choice, however you know I've never had the cheesecake. I'm always too full!" See, not only is the cheesecake Factory a great place to eat, but a fabulous conversation starter as well. I'm not sure other reasons why I don't mention it. I guess b/c I've never been there with friends, I don't know. anyway...

So today I heard that I get to plan the menu for a lunch that we are doing at work and it is coming from Mere Bulles, my favorite restaurant. I've only been there for work events and meetings but I absolutely love it. Its in an old plantation home in Brentwood. Its beautiful, especially at Christmas. I love everything about it. The fact that the waiters remember repeat customers, the atmosphere, the art work on the walls, the patio when its nice outside, the fact you can reserve to eat in the Library, but most importantly the She Crab bisque soup. It is the most amazing soup and it is the main reason I love this place so much. I've also never had anything twice on the menu and I've yet to be disappointed. From Mahi-Mahi Sandwiches to Rib Rolls or various salads...gosh, its all so good!

So, the truth comes out. My true favorite. If you've never been I encourage you to go...and you can take me if you want!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Auntie Em!

so my sister-in-law just had a baby...that makes me an aunt...and my brother a father! It's crazy! Sean Michael Lamkin was born on Saturday, May 19, 2007 at 12:30pm! They are home and everyone is doing well! I can't wait to meet the little guy...I'm not sure when that can happen but hopefully soon!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


so...though my dog is cute... as you can see for yourself, i'm not sure he's the smartest. Granted, he can learn tricks and he's learned the names of most of his toys, and he can act like a cat with the best of them however, the commen sense factor may not be all there.

Some of you may remember my blog after Valentine's Day recalling the account of when Bauer decided to consume and entire toy. 20 stitches later...we were fine. You would have thought that would teach him not to eat didn't. Don't worry.

Yesterday I got back from my trip to Chattanooga and picked Bauer up from my parent's house (Gran and Pop as they like to be called). He was really tired and lazy when we got home. I figured this was because he had been playing outside for two days and was worn out. This morning he woke me up at 5am throwing up. I wasn't all that was just some grass and such, nothing to be worried about...again, he had been playing outside for two days and bauer tends to run with his mouth open and eat everything that comes in his way so I assumed the grass intake was higher than normal causing his stomach to be upset. We continue on with our morning routine...breakfast, outside, I take a shower, start getting ready, etc. Usually while I get ready Bauer camps out under my bed. That's where he was this morning when I hear him start hacking something up. I take a quick glance under the bed and it looks like bauer is just chewing on a toy. I look a bit closer...not a toy, a pair of underwear...THAT HE JUST THREW UP! My dumb dog swallowed a pair of underwear whole and then threw it up this morning. It was disgusting! HILARIOUS! but really gross. Seriously bauer, stop eating cloth!

choose your own adventure

The first part of this week I spent at that Chattanooga campus of the Children's Homes. Monday night was the retirement dinner for our East Region Vice President. It was a lovely dinner and I was touched as I heard friends and collegues get up and say such nice things about this man. At the end, Dr. Segrest got up and said a few words. He began to talk about being a pastor, a sunday school teacher, a trustee for the Children's Homes, and finally a RVP for us. He then thanked his wife for standing beside him through all thier years of adventure in ministry.

I liked that...adventure in ministry. I think its true. I found myself longing to be able to tell stories from my own adventures in ministry. I continued to think about that the rest of the night, and still the next morning during the board meeting...and still on my way home.

As christians we are always in ministry. Everything we do. Too often I forget that. Even working for a christian organization I forget that what I do is ministry. When I'm not working at the Children's Home...I'm still doing ministry. I got really excited when I began to think of it that way! What an adventure our lives can be!

I'm not sure I've done the best job of being excited about my job...I am. I love it and I love the work God allows me to do for these precious children! What children you ask? These absolutely adorable ones! (this is what I did was a blast!)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

happy birthday!

so I've heard "Happy Birthday!" A lot lately. I had two friends have birthdays back to back this past weekend.

I was excited that they both had parties. Someone once asked me when I think I'll get too old to have a birthday party. I'm not quite sure that will ever happen. It could possibly have something to do with my previous blog...however my mom hasn't had birthday parties for herself since I can remember so I think we might differon this topic. I realize, I'm still really young to make a comment like "I will never not have a birthday party." I realize I could one day have kids and a family and they would take priority over my birthday but I just love birthdays so much. My mom always made a big deal about our birthdays so naturally I see them as highly important.

I love the fact that everyone has their own special day for themselves! You should be celebrated! I never understand why people don't like their birthday or don't like getting older. There is so much excitement in starting a new year. Maybe I'm just really cheesy and like excuses to have parties...but honestly I think I genuinely love the concept of celebrating someone! Is that wierd? maybe. What's also weird is that I've had 24 bithday parties and only repeated a theme once. CRAZY! Wonder what the big 2-5 theme will be? any suggestions???

as a side note: I realize I've talked about my mom a bit in these last two blogs. I think that may have to do with the fact that it is Mother's Day on Sunday. At the Children's Home we get 25% of our operating budget from the Mother's Day Offering...which is my responsiblity. So this is my plug for you to give! Honor or remember the special women in your life by giving to the Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes. Your gift helps a child in need recieve the love and care they deserve!!!