Tuesday, September 30, 2008

keep 'em coming

Hershey Kisses must be bored with the plain old normal milk chocolate ones with the occasional almond. I'm not complaining...but they are coming out with new flavors left AND right...

you had the hugs, and then the peanut butter, then there was mint, Cheesecake has by far been my favorite...and now they have the latest and seasonally appropriate flavor....

I'm not the world's biggest pumplin flavor fan but I have tried these and they aren't bad.

happy harvest!

EDIT: my boss just gave my $20 to make sure these stay in stock at my desk. apparently they are pretty good!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hi-yo Silver!

Today I heard that Johnny Depp will be back in action for 2010 with ...

The Lone Ranger...he'll be Tonto! How exciting is this?

Alice in Wonderland ...he'll be the Mad Hatter. With direction from Tim Burton, this film should be a good one!

and the fact that we get to start saying "twenty-ten" like we have reached the future will surely make this a great year!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


1. Last night I heard Kenley (project runway contestant) completely belittle Tim Gunn's judgement. My mouth stayed open for at least 10 seconds. They were showing clips of next weeks episode where Tim Gunn kind of lets her have it about her attitude and sarcasm. Her response, "What does Tim Gunn know anyway?" WHAT?!?!?! I'm not even going to go into why I was so upset with her. I will say that I liked her at the beginning...always wondering what she would have her in hair each episode, but her attitude lately...starting to rub me the wrong. You don't mess with Tim Gunn. That's just wrong. But it's almost Bryant Park...predictions anyone?

2. This just makes me happy. I know a lot of people don't like her and feel like she plays the same character a lot...I guess I just like the character...probably because her awkward voice just holds a special place in my heart and in the circle. enjoy!

EDIT: after watching last night's episode of project runway, it seems they editted Kenley's comment about Tim for the preview. She actually said, "What does Tim know about HIP HOP anyway?" Which...I will probably give her that. He more than likely doesn't know much. However, Tim Gunn is nice, helpful, smart, and respectful. I would never argue with him. I've loved your stuff Kenley but I fear your end is near...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


This summer I've been doing Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself study on the Fruits of the Spirit. It has been such a blessing ...but also a challenge. Each week I find myself more humbled, more convicted, but also more passionately in love with God and longing to be filled with His Spirit.

Last night I heard Beth talk about faithfulness. The concept of her entire talk was that faith fights. Faith...fights... I wrote it down when she said it. It seemed odd to me at first. I have faith. Faith is clearly the noun in that sentence. God is faithful...again no action from faithful. Translating faith into a verb was an interesting idea. Thanks to DC Talk I am well aware that love is a verb, but I'm not sure I have really seen faith in that way...at least not on purpose. I tend to associate faith with waiting. I have faith that tomorrow will be better, I have faith that God will heal Jimmy, I have faith that my friend will get a job...etc. Faith - I will wait for God to do something and try my best to have a positive attitude about it, right? at least that is how I feel sometimes.

She went on to talk about how faith fights to get us through whatever we are dealing with. Without faith we wouldn't be able to persevere and we'd be stuck trying to find short cuts and never getting to the other side to receive the promises of God's provision and redemption for us. This fighting kind of faith doesn't just get us through the trials but assures us of the promises on the other side. I kind of like this faith that fights.

Faith Fights. It provides lots of good images in my head of mighty angels, an alert and commanding God, people cheering for me to push on. Praise God He is faithful and that I may believe and have a faith that fights.

*I realize that the topic of faith is a lot deeper than what I just wrote about it and there are many ways to conceptualize faith. however, this just seemed to stick with me and I thought I would share.

*PEACE RULES! was also a theme of her's from a few weeks ago. It remains to be my favorite concept...it's just fun to say!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

summer "play" list

Around the beginning of May I began to feel the summer air coming in. I was super excited for the new season to begin. I didn't have a good reason for the excitement but simply summer itself. In efforts to make sure this summer would indeed be an awesome one, my friend Caitlin and I made a summer "play" list of things we wanted to do to make sure we fully embraced the summer*. We accomplished EVERYTHING on our list!!! It truly was awesome.

The Drive In - we saw Kung Fu Panda and Get Smart...this was my #2 event of the summer

Holiday World - our final event on the list and by far, hands down my most favorite. I'm pretty sure the Lord was thinking of me when He gave someone the idea to create this place. #1 event of the summer for me!

The Pool - I have a pool in my backyard. We got floats. It was fun and never crowded.

Chips and Salsa Party - who doesn't love chips and salsa?!?!

Chinese Party - this ended up being my birthday party, it turned out to be pretty awesome

Birthday Parties - cait and I both have summer birthdays...they were both equally awesome
Cookout - memorial day...nothing says memorial like a cookout, right?

Movies - it was a great summer for movies and I think I saw all the ones I wanted to

Piano Bar - LOVE IT! free entertainment.

J. Alexander's - always delicious...carrot cake is my fave.

Pedestrian Bridge - good times. great view. nice night.

The Beach - summer staple

Movies in the Park - we went to all but one...i think. probably gave me the funniest stories from the summer
Bobbie's Dairy Dip - not originally on the list but quickly became a summer fav and almost weekly tradition.

*Summer was indicated by memorial day - labor day

our fun-filled fall has already begun and our list should prove to provide just as many great memories. Fall will be the weeks between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Updates from the Fall Play List to come soon.

Friday, September 05, 2008

thrill rides

i've gone to two amusement parks this summer. i've loved every minute of both. though i have to give myself a pep talk each time i get on one, i absolutely hands down love the thrill of roller coasters. all of them. yesterday i heard about this one...i'm not one to curse all the time but i'm pretty sure this would get one out of me.

free spinning seats as the roller coaster moves...speakers in the shoulders, fire and fog throughout the ride...geez.

i know there are lots of good ones out there and i've spent most of the summer watching other videos of them, this one just seems really cool to me. Adam and Mary...when do we get to come see you...and ride this ride?!?!!