Monday, December 14, 2009


approximately 25 people have asked me if I'm getting an engagement ring this Christmas. Seriously?! It always seems like such a silly question to me. But I suppose that's only natural when you are my age (which according Josh's clock is ticking...awesome).

And I suppose everyone just always asks about the next step. When I was single people would ask me if I had "Meet anyone interesting lately." (and by people I mean all the ladies who are older than me that I work with at the children's home AND hallmark). Now that I have met someone I consider interesting they have instantly moved on to asking about the wedding....this was the week after I met him, by the way. And I've heard my married friends talk about how everyone always asks them when they are going to have a baby...and if they have a baby, when the next one will come along...and so forth. So I suppose that's just what we nosey people do...but it still surprises me every time.

Just for the record....NO RING this least there better not be.