Monday, December 14, 2009


approximately 25 people have asked me if I'm getting an engagement ring this Christmas. Seriously?! It always seems like such a silly question to me. But I suppose that's only natural when you are my age (which according Josh's clock is ticking...awesome).

And I suppose everyone just always asks about the next step. When I was single people would ask me if I had "Meet anyone interesting lately." (and by people I mean all the ladies who are older than me that I work with at the children's home AND hallmark). Now that I have met someone I consider interesting they have instantly moved on to asking about the wedding....this was the week after I met him, by the way. And I've heard my married friends talk about how everyone always asks them when they are going to have a baby...and if they have a baby, when the next one will come along...and so forth. So I suppose that's just what we nosey people do...but it still surprises me every time.

Just for the record....NO RING this least there better not be.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

my utmost

"If you are going to be used by God, He will take you through a number of experiences that are not meant for you personally at all. They are designed to make you useful in His hands, and to enable you to understand what takes place in the lives of others."

Oswald Chambers

Monday, October 19, 2009

the garden

yesterday at church I heard the pastor make this comment about creation and The Garden of Eden:

"Eden wasn't created for a 'happyily ever after' but for worship."

Friday, September 25, 2009

i've got a snake in my boots

So, of the many common traits that my mom and Indiana Jones share...there is one that stands out. The fear of snakes. For as long as I can remember my mom has been petrified of snakes.

Last night I get home and I hear my neighbor say, "Emily, it's Steve, your neighbor, don't be scared," as he is coming up from our basement. Rosie had started barking and mom went to go see what all the fuss was about and saw a snake coiled up at the bottom of the stairs trying to strike at the dogs. So she called Steve and he went down to try and find it...only he couldn't.

So Rosie had all her dreams come true last night and got to sleep upstairs because mom was afriad it would bite her. However, with Rosie being the outside dog that she is, we couldn't keep her inside all day. So this morning I went to the basement one more time to try and find it. There is was, on the wall. (which all night I told my self I was safe b/c snakes couldn't climb stairs...apparently they climb walls, so turns out...wasn't so safe). Mom and I both took our turn hacking it with a hoe. It's dead now. Still a bit nervous though...are there more?

I think it was a common king snake which is not venimous and actually kills other snakes. Either way...I will always kill all snakes.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

wizard of oz

I was joking with Josh the other day that my heart was made of stone.

Josh: Oh...maybe you should be like the wait...who needed the heart?
Emily: Really? (we just saw WICKED)
Josh: Oh wait...I know this. You know how I know this? It's in a Kenny Chesney song.

One of my other favorite things about Josh is how without fail, he will bring song lyrics into EVERY conversation. It's quite a talent. more than likely it's a country song, and most of the time it's a Chesney song. Don't worry...I don't think he has any concert t-shirts, but maybe I'll get him one for Christmas.

Josh: It's the Tin Man (insert singing of country song here) he needed a heart.
Emily: yes.
Josh: The lion had no courage. I don't know what body part that is.
Emily: What about the scarecrow?
Josh: The scarecrow had no skin.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


6 weeks ago I went on a date with this boy. His name is Josh and I think he's pretty great. One of the things I think is pretty great about him is his honesty. No matter who you are or how long you have known Josh, he is going to tell you exactly what he is thinking...regardless of its relevance, correctness, or seriousness.

On our second date one of the first things I heard Josh say as he was looking at the pictures on my mantle was: "Oh, your grandparents look nice!" My response: "Those are my parents."

Let's move onto to dinner, on the same date. He proceeds to tell me that the song goes, "Just a spoon full of cinnamon helps the medicine go done..." Really Josh?! Really? A. have you ever seen the movie (which happens to be #1 of all time)? B. have you ever tried to eat a spoonful of cinnamon? b/c it's impossible...ask sarabeth!

How about after dinner when he argued with me that Noah Wylie was in the Notebook. Really Josh?! Like, ER Noah Wylie...he finally admitted his mistake.

A week later he tells me I'm at child bearing age. Really Josh?

Skip ahead a few weeks where I meet his entire family (he is the oldest of 5 it was quite overwhelming). His dad tells me my clocks ticking. score.

so...stay tuned. I have a hunch there will be more to come.

Monday, December 08, 2008

seeing vs. hearing

When I decided to start a blog it wasn't for the sake of keeping people current on the goings on of my life. Though some of posts have provided wasn't the main idea. I decided I would write blogs based on something I heard during the day. Well...I think I might be changing gears with the start of the new year.

Turns out, I really like taking pictures. My job pays to me take have a nice camera and take lots of pictures so I've kind of just picked up the hobby b/c I need to keep a salary but it turns out, I kind of like it. So, I think starting January 1, 2009 I will change my blog to, Today I Saw... The web address will be for those of you interested. I'll probably keep this blog up for documentary purposes and may post to it occasionally, however, the other one will be my main door to the blogging world.

For instance...when I capture something like this, how can I not let the masses of the world see it?!?!

families and friends together

oh the holiday season. it's been an eventful one already.

Thanksgiving started with Bauer knocking my cousin (who is older than me) to the ground, flat on her back, right when they got there. That week also included her husband getting burned in the face with steam from some pots he was trying to unstick that exploded...dented the ceiling, and crashed to the floor. The festivities continued as we took everyone, including my 85 year old grandfather, to the Wildhorse. Thankful for family...and thankful for it all to be over. Onward and upward to the manger I suppose.

Yesterday I heard a friend discribe me as the Jerry Meguire of women. I didn't understand. He was referencing my desire to never be alone. While it's true, I don't require a lot of "emily time" I have certainly grown to appreciate my space over the past year. I will admit to always needing to be busy in the past. But I feel like I have healthy boudries at this point. Anyway, all that to say, one of the main reasons I love Christmas and the holidays is all the togetherness. The parties, the shows, seeing the lights, going to Christmas concerts, parades, etc. What better time to get together and spend time with those you love than celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!!! AND you get to do it with the flavor of peppermint in everything. BONUS!

Last night I went to my second most favorite thing to do at Christmas, the Hanging of the Green service at FBC. I just love it. When you are a part of something for 12+ years, it just has a way of growing into your heart like few things can. Some people knock tradition and routine, however I think some of that is actually good for the soul. There's a song all the choirs sing at the end together. It's just about the most precious thing ever to watch the little ones in their robes doing their best not to just sit down or make funny faces at their parents. I won't make you read the whole thing...just the chorus:

Families and friends together share a special kind of love and cheer.
Sharing all the joys of Christmas time, the very best time (that strange enchanted time) of year.

now go get your favorite christmas drink and spend time with people you love!