Monday, December 08, 2008

seeing vs. hearing

When I decided to start a blog it wasn't for the sake of keeping people current on the goings on of my life. Though some of posts have provided wasn't the main idea. I decided I would write blogs based on something I heard during the day. Well...I think I might be changing gears with the start of the new year.

Turns out, I really like taking pictures. My job pays to me take have a nice camera and take lots of pictures so I've kind of just picked up the hobby b/c I need to keep a salary but it turns out, I kind of like it. So, I think starting January 1, 2009 I will change my blog to, Today I Saw... The web address will be for those of you interested. I'll probably keep this blog up for documentary purposes and may post to it occasionally, however, the other one will be my main door to the blogging world.

For instance...when I capture something like this, how can I not let the masses of the world see it?!?!


caitlin said...

Jake's blog debut!

I love it!!

Jen Clapp said...

I'm excited about the new blog! :)

molly said...

poor kitty. he looks about as happy as sally does when I make him wear his christmas jacket.

Lindsay Beals said...

Yes! I'm excited to see your world through pics. :)

Kashmirviews said...

Good one--keep on writing.