Thursday, September 24, 2009

wizard of oz

I was joking with Josh the other day that my heart was made of stone.

Josh: Oh...maybe you should be like the wait...who needed the heart?
Emily: Really? (we just saw WICKED)
Josh: Oh wait...I know this. You know how I know this? It's in a Kenny Chesney song.

One of my other favorite things about Josh is how without fail, he will bring song lyrics into EVERY conversation. It's quite a talent. more than likely it's a country song, and most of the time it's a Chesney song. Don't worry...I don't think he has any concert t-shirts, but maybe I'll get him one for Christmas.

Josh: It's the Tin Man (insert singing of country song here) he needed a heart.
Emily: yes.
Josh: The lion had no courage. I don't know what body part that is.
Emily: What about the scarecrow?
Josh: The scarecrow had no skin.


Lele said...

emily- your boyfriend is silly.

joann said...

gotta love it