Monday, December 14, 2009


approximately 25 people have asked me if I'm getting an engagement ring this Christmas. Seriously?! It always seems like such a silly question to me. But I suppose that's only natural when you are my age (which according Josh's clock is ticking...awesome).

And I suppose everyone just always asks about the next step. When I was single people would ask me if I had "Meet anyone interesting lately." (and by people I mean all the ladies who are older than me that I work with at the children's home AND hallmark). Now that I have met someone I consider interesting they have instantly moved on to asking about the wedding....this was the week after I met him, by the way. And I've heard my married friends talk about how everyone always asks them when they are going to have a baby...and if they have a baby, when the next one will come along...and so forth. So I suppose that's just what we nosey people do...but it still surprises me every time.

Just for the record....NO RING this least there better not be.


Anonymous said...

I am completely guilty of least the relationship questions if not the baby ones! Here is to being happy with where we are in life and allowing others to do the same.


molly said...

ok. i saw the picture of the ring and the title of the blog before i saw when it was written. and i almost passed out. don't do that to me!

Courtney Baker said...

Yes it's because we all want to be in other people's buisness. And seriously people ask me all the time about kids. ALL THE TIME. I think it's actually worse than the marriage question, but maybe that's because I was a kid when I got married.

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate it. Oh and I've been meaning to email you to apologize about the embossing gun. I realized later that I was so confused. Sorry about that!

You need to come make some cards with me sometime!

Ellen said...

Uh huh, like Molly, I saw the ring and title and thought I was the only one who didn't know!!
I agree Molly, don't do that to us!

Jacob said...

anymous says that that ring looks like a whole lot like the one on your finger now???

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