Monday, October 06, 2008

one, or two? three better than four?

Today I heard the eye doctor tell me that my eyes are healthy, they just need some help. I think that's the nicest way anyone has ever told me I have horrible vision.

This appointment has been about 3 years over-due and my contacts just weren't doing the trick these days (ask anyone who has ridden with me after 8:00pm and they will confirm this to be true). I realize that out of the all the doctors the eye doctor should be the less threatening. No needles, no gagging, etc. However, I get really nervous about the eye doctor. Particularly when they are figuring out your prescription.

The light goes out. The letters are blurry on the wall in front of you and it begins....

DR: "Better with 1 ...or 2?"
em: 1
DR: "how about 3...or 4?"
em: ummm, 4
DR: "Now with 5 or 6?"
em: "oh, um 5"

...for some reason I feel like there is an actual right or wrong answer. like the doc is trying to trick me or something and I'm terrified I'm going to mess up my contact order. Am I alone in this fear?

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Jess(ica) said...

Hmmm, sorta. Although I am very afraid of the puff-of-air test. I'm sure I don't have glaucoma, which I tell the doctor every time, but he still guilts me into taking it. And I'm always proven right - I never have glaucoma. :P