Thursday, May 15, 2008

new recipe

(first of all, can I just admit that every time I type "RECIPE" I misspell it...even that time...I used spell check)

So my friend Lele, had a birthday party! Lele has this rare disease that makes her not be the biggest fan of cake. I know, crazy! When it comes to birthday parties this can be quite challenging. She had requested this flower cookies which I was happy to make but wanted some sort of "cake" made out of cookies. We talked about various ideas and finally, Martha came through for me. Why didn't we go there first?

I highly suggest making this cookie cake. It really wasn't that hard, but here are a few things I would suggest:
It would probably look nicer if you shaped the big cookies in pretty circles, though i didn't like the natural-ness of mine. The recipe includes making your own cream cheese icing. You can just buy your favorite can icing at the store and be just fine...and save some time. The icing was VERY cream cheesy and I would think it would be fun to have different flavor icings on the different layers. You could also only do 3 or 4 layers instead of 5 (but the height was nice).

Over all...good party! Way to have a birthday Lele!

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