Tuesday, October 14, 2008

officially an adult

I once had a conversation with a friend where we tried to figure the exact moment that someone becomes and adult (I may have blogged about this before...but I can't remember). It seemed like turning 18 wasn't really it...nor necessarily 21. Was it moving out from your parent's house? Buying a home? Living by yourself? Graduating from college? Paying your first utility bill? Landing your first "real" job? So many factors for each of these.

I'm not sure we ever came to a conclusion. As I get older and the more "adult" I become I think I would land on the answer that it's more a process and a culmination of various events than just one in particular...cop out, I know. Now that I have lived by myself for awhile, owned a pet, paid my bills, graduated college, for a few years I'm pretty certain I am indeed an adult. If I wasn't certain, today confirmed it.

Today, I heard my HR person at work knock on my cubicle, "Hey! Since you've been here 3 years we will now start putting money into your retirement fund..." First of all...I've been at TBCH for 3 years?!?! That just seems crazy. Secondly, retirement?! even more crazy but also equally awesome! If I wasn't before I'm pretty now I'm officially an adult.


Lele said...

yep, you are. it's true.

Allison said...

that is hysterical. I totally have had that exact conversation with many of folks! I think it is an individual thing. We each have those ah ha moments but I am not sure they are the same for all but I have definetely had it. Welcome to adulthood though! Should we do something to celebrate? I think we should.

Cherilyn said...

I believe you become an adult when you realize someone else's obsession with Jar Jar Binks is childish.

That's how I separate the wheat from the chaff.

joann said...

first..i love reading your blog.

second...i guess i must accept that you are old enough to be an adult but it sort of makes me think that then i must be... dead.